Welcome to the Estonian Union of Dance Art and Dance Education!


We are happy that you are interested in joining our union!

On this homepage, you can find information about the union in general. If you are interested in member benefits, please check the Members page.


An excerpt from the union statutes:

3.2. The Union can accept as member:
3.2.1. a person who is/has been involved in dance art and/or dance education or is invested in its progress;
3.2.2. a person who is/has been actively involved in shaping and developing the Estonian dance field;
3.2.3. including publicly recognised dancers;
3.2.4. including publicly recognised choreographers;
3.2.5. including publicly recognised dance teachers.


To become a memeber:

  1. download and fill out the application: Word;
  2. download and fill out the membership form: Word;
  3. please send all the documents to: tantsuliit@gmail.com.

The decision will be made by members of the board by simple vote. We will notify you of the decision as soon as possible by e-mail.


Additional information and questions:

Sille Ardel



Phone +372 5349 9219‬