The membership fee has to be paid by May 1 to the Estonian Union of Dance Art and Dance Education NGO account in LHV Bank: EE887700771001949444. The fee is 20 € a year.
Exemption from the membership fee and membership fee discount. It is possible to apply for an exemption from the membership fee or a discount.

 You become indebted to the union in case you have a membership fee debt, you have not submitted reports on the use of financial support on time, or if you have not notified the union of your new creative works. In that case your rights will be limited and you will not be able to use all the benefits offered by the union. Please be sure to notify us promptly if for some reason you are unable to adhere to the deadlines, and we will find a solution which works for everyone!
NB! The member discounts and benefits are available to those who have paid their membership fee for the previous period.