Making the future of Nordic–Baltic dance 28. mai 2014

Hundreds of European professional dancers, managers and dance companies plan and build the future of Nordic–Baltic contemporary dance in August 6–9 on the beautiful Åland Islands located between Sweden and Finland.

The exciting programme of the keðjaMariehamn 2014 Encounter consists not only of lots of dance performances, workshops, laboratories and talks, but also of mentoring sessions in rowing boats, elections for a local Ministry of Happiness, and early morning performance walks through the nature of the island.

The goal is to consider and debate how a touring network for dance can be implemented, what the benefits of artistic residencies are, how dance discourse is positioned in public debate, what sustainable financing of dance means, how community dance and audience work can be developed further, etc.

These and many more topical questions are discussed by leading experts and professionals.

Legendary John Ashford, former manager of The Place Theatre, London, today in charge of the Aerowaves European Dance Network, moderates the discussion on international exchange and the keðja Wilderness Dance residency programme results.

Another expert on networking and production is Alan Rivett, director of the Warwick Arts Centre and UK Dance Touring Partnership.

How do I make my art more sustainable? is asked by Finnish choreographer Sari Palmgren who participated as project leader in Challenge Europe, British Council’s climate change project in 2011. Her performance The Earth Song combining contemporary dance and rock musical closes the programme.

At the core of the abundant artistic programme are ten Nordic–Baltic premieres created in Wilderness residencies in ten communities on the edge of the Nordic–Baltic region. Wilderness Dance is the largest residency programme for dance artists that is presently being run in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and it forms an important part of the keðja 2012–2015 project.

The keðjaMariehamn 2014 event is the culmination of this Nordic–Baltic networking and cooperation project that started in 2008. The goal is to inspire, strengthen and develop the dance community in order to increase mobilization and develop the professional dance field in the region.

The results will be at stake in Mariehamn.

Please visit:

For more information:

Sanna Kangasluoma, PR at Dance Info Finland, phone: +358 9 612 1808

Kamma Siegumfeldt, Project Manager keðja 2012–2015, phone: +45 33 88 80 21

Press images and the programme can be downloaded from media bank ( -> Contact -> Press material)

Keðja 2012–2015 in short:

  • 2 Think tanks: Sustainability Think Tank and Touring Network Think Tank
  • 3 Encounters: keðjaMariehamn 2014 (FI), keðjaKlaipeda 2013 (LT), keðjaTallinn 2012 (ES)
  • 10 Residencies for artists: Wilderness Dance
  • Mentoring Scheme for managers, producers and self-organizing artists working within dance
  • Writing Movement workshops and seminars about the critical discourse on and around dance
  • The keðja 2012-2015 cycle has already involved more than 1000 artists and dance professionals in its activities and reached audiences of more than 5000 people in 8 countries.
  • “keðja” means “chain” in Icelandic

The keðja 2012–2015 partners are Dansehallerne (Copenhagen) main project cocordinator, Dance Info Finland (Helsinki), Dance Information Norway (Oslo), Independent Theatres Association (Reykjavik), Union of Estonian Dance Artists (Tallinn),  Fish eye (Klaipeda), Bora Bora (Arhus), Danseareana Nord (Hammerfest), MAD Production (Helsinki), New Theatre Institute of Latvia (Riga), SITE (Stockholm) and associated partner Kultur I Väst (Göteborg)

The keðjaMariehamn 2014 Encounter is organized by Dance Info Finland in collaboration with the keðja partners.

The Encounter is produced with support from the Nordic Culture Point, the Nordic Culture Fund, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

keðja 2012–2015 is funded with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

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